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Hampton Named Behavioral Health Provider of the Year for 2017

Hampton Named Behavioral Health Provider of the Year for 2017

Hampton Named Behavioral Health Provider of the Year for 2017

Provider of the Year awardHampton was named Behavioral Health Provider of the Year for 2017 by CIT-NJ (Crisis Intervention Training – NJ) at their annual Center of Excellence Forum in late December, 2017. CIT provides education and training to law enforcement and first responders about signs and symptoms of mental illness and substance use, as well as what resources are available in their communities. The program also encourages greater communication and enhanced partnerships between law enforcement and behavioral health providers.

Hampton Behavioral Health Center has been a steadfast advocate and integral part of the CIT-NJ Center of Excellence Program for many years. Hampton supported both the Camden and Burlington Counties’ CIT programs since their inceptions. Hampton assists in the development and expansion of the week long training curriculum. Annemarie Halbert, Hampton’s Outpatient Director, and Anne Marie Biddle, Director of Business Development, both provide instruction for some of the training modules. Hampton’s Community Liaisons, Brenna Spanier, Karen White, and Danielle Desiderio also give presentations on Hampton’s array of services during CIT training weeks in counties throughout the state. In Burlington County, Hampton is a stop when CIT classes tour mental health facilities as part of their training. During their visit they meet Kris Randolph, Access Director, who gives them an overview of the admissions process and Joanne Wijaya, COO, discusses confidentiality and HIPAA with them.

CIT-NJ, in turn, is very supportive of Hampton and promotes our services to the law enforcement and first responder communities. Hampton is listed as a “preferred provider” on their resource guide. This guide highlights our HEROES program, a specialized counseling track designed to support those emergency responders on the front lines who have been exposed to traumatic events and are having difficulty managing the after-effects of that exposure. Therapeutic interventions in the program focus on recovery, relapse prevention, and coping skills.

Craig Hilton, CEO, states, “I am very proud of our team and the excellent work that they do with the CIT program. It is truly an honor to be recognized by the law enforcement community. We look forward to our continued partnership and sponsoring future educational events with our first responders.”

Help is Only a Call Away

Our staff is dedicated to providing the immediate help an individual might need. Hampton Behavioral Health Center’s Access Center is staffed 24 hours, 7 days a week with specially trained assessment coordinators to provide confidential level of care assessments. Call 800-603-6767 today.