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For Adolescents

For Adolescents

Adolescent Treatment Programs

Adolescence is a time of growth, development and change. It’s a time when young people form a positive self-image and learn to be independent and responsible. But for many young people, these challenges cause emotional distress, resulting in self-defeating behaviors that include depression, substance use, school problems and family conflicts. Whether these behavioral problems are due to medical or environmental factors, Hampton Behavioral Health Center’s adolescent treatment programs help adolescents develop more constructive ways to cope.

A Clear Focus on Achieving Goals

The goal of Hampton Behavioral Health Center’s therapeutic process is to help adolescents understand themselves and who they can become. Adolescents receive help to identify problems, face challenges, learn to handle frustration, generate solutions and realistically assess the value of their accomplishments.

Our staff encourages communication and trust. Adolescents learn how their attitudes, communication skills and emotions influence their behaviors and relationships, and they learn to recognize problems by identifying with others who share similar issues. This process of self-discovery helps change self-defeating patterns. Most importantly, adolescents learn to exercise wise judgment, understand the consequences of their actions and choose constructive alternatives. Hampton’s adolescent programs are designed for adolescents ages of 12 to 17 (18-year olds may participate if still in high school) dealing with mental health and emotional issues.

At Hampton, adolescents gain:

  • A sense of responsibility
  • An ability to trust
  • Healthy recreational alternatives to drugs and alcohol
  • Group unity
  • Sensitivity to relationships

Inpatient Program

Hampton Behavioral Health Center provides an environment tailored to the unique needs of adolescents with acute mental health and substance use issues where behavior and medication can be closely monitored.

Activities include individual therapy, group therapy and creative therapies. An educational component is included in the programming schedule to allow patients to continue with their academics. Groups focus on solving problems, learning life skills, building self-esteem and understanding relationships. Patients are assessed for drug and alcohol use and receive education on the issue of substance use. Medication education is provided so that patients can better understand and manage their illness.

For more information about our programs, call our Access Center at 800-603-6767 or 609-518-2100.

Help is Only a Call Away

Our staff is dedicated to providing the immediate help an individual might need. Hampton Behavioral Health Center’s Access Center is staffed 24 hours, 7 days a week with specially trained assessment coordinators to provide confidential level of care assessments. Call 800-603-6767 today.