Adult Inpatient Program

There are many reasons why people turn to Hampton Behavioral Health Center for help. Whether the problem is caused by a chronic illness or life-changing circumstances, Hampton provides adults with the ongoing guidance and treatment they need for recovery.

Guiding Patients Toward more Fulfilling Lives

Hampton’s goal is to help patients lead more productive lives. We help adults learn to recognize problems by identifying with others who share similar issues. Patients discover how to handle their frustrations and face challenges constructively. They also learn how to better communicate and become more perceptive about themselves and others. And, because everyone is different, our experienced team of clinicians tailors treatment to each patient.

Flexible Programs To Meet Individual Needs

Hampton’s treatment approaches are as versatile as our patients’ needs. After the initial assessment, patients may be referred to one of the following inpatient or outpatient programs:

Hampton offers adults:

  • Safe Inpatient Environment
  • Partial Hospitalization Program
  • Intensive Outpatient Program

Inpatient Program

The Adult Inpatient Program at Hampton provides a safe environment where behavior and medication can be closely monitored for adults with acute behavioral health symptoms.

Group therapy helps patients understand the disease process, solve problems, build self-esteem and understand relationships. Creative therapies offer patients a unique opportunity to express their feelings through different disciplines such as art, music and yoga. Patients are educated regarding their medications and learn about the importance of overall good health.

For more information about our programs, call our Access Center at (800) 603-6767 or (609) 518-2100. For information on other behavioral health services that we offer, such as Outpatient Care, click here.